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‘Free State Freaks’

A one-off Anti-Treaty publication produced on a duplicating machine with caricatures of Sir Alfred Cope, Cosgrave, Mulcahy, Walsh, Blythe, Fitzgerald, etc. The drawings are attributed to Constance de Markievicz (1868-1927).
The publication includes caricatures of:
Séan Ó Muirthile, member of the Supreme Council of the IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood) 1916, Head and shoulders.
Desmond Fitzgerald, (1889-1947), Minister for External Affairs 1922-1927 and Minister for Propaganda outside the cabinet, August 1921. Described as ‘Liar in Chief to Publicity Department. Slave-State’. Head and shoulders, full face.
Earnest Blythe: ‘The importance of being Earnest …’.
J.J. Walsh: ‘The man of “letters” with the “mailed” fist;
Richard Mulcahy: ‘haunted by the dreams of prisoners murdered by his troops’;
W.J. Cosgrave: ‘Jester in chief to the Freak State as seen in the Empire’.

‘Memories of Easter Week, 1916 by Rev. Father Aloysius, OFM Cap.’

Recollections by Fr. Aloysius Travers OFM Cap. of the fighting of Easter Week, the surrender of the rebel forces and subsequent execution of their leaders. He provides an eye-witness account of the executions in Kilmainham Jail most notably that of James Connolly. The typescript copies are incomplete: 17 pp + 11 pp. With an undated typescript copy of ‘Connolly’s death speech’ taken from the 'Gaelic American'.

‘My experiences in the 1916 Rising by Father Columbus OSFC’

A record by Fr. Columbus Murphy OFM Cap. of events between 30 April and 4 May 1916. Most of the memoir refers to his interaction with British military officers and his efforts to minister to the rebel leaders prior to their executions in Kilmainham Jail. The memoir begins: ‘I have been asked repeatedly to write out a detailed and connected account of my personal experiences, what I actually saw and did during the Rising. At length I have decided to comply with the request. I do so however not with the intention of ever publishing this report. … As I sit then at my desk here in the silence and solitude of my monastic cell in Dublin, fourteen weeks have elapsed since those eventful days. I take up my pen. …’.

‘Persons to be inquired about in Richmond Barracks and Kilmainham Prison, May 7-14th, 1916, Fr. Albert’

List of approximately 100 names with various annotations. Listed individuals include Arthur Griffith, Sean Connolly, ‘Miss [Grace] Gifford’, Garret Holohan, John O’Mahony and ‘[de] Valera’. Annotations such as ‘K’ and ‘R’, presumably standing for Richmond and Kilmainham, appear beside some of the individuals listed.

‘Republicans are We’ to the air of ‘The Soldiers Song’

Manuscript transcript of song ‘Republicans are We’ to the air of ‘The Soldiers’ Song’. The first verse reads:
‘When bravely we’d fought our land to free
Our Tricolour flying o’ar us,
The ancient foe for peace did seek,
From I.R.A. victorious
Our envoys went to London town
And there, let our Republic down;
But still, till Freedom battle’s won
Republicans are We’.

1 Erskine Place

  • IE CP PO Missions-5688
  • Item
  • 1952-01-02 - 1952-01-06
  • Part of Passionists

This record is part of the list of all the missions preached by the Passionist Fathers in St. Patricks Province (Ireland and Scotland), from 1927 up until 1965. It is just an electronic list with no physical counterpart. It has been made available to aid research into the Passionists.

1670013 Aloysius Fritz, cp.

  • IE CP 2020-04-01/38-9/3/4/11
  • Item
  • 01/01/1808
  • Part of Passionists

Aloysisu Fritz, cp. Alphonsus O;Neill to the rector: announces the death of Fr. Liberio, a rector in Italy and the defection of Aloysius Fritz.

1741001 Paul of the Cross

  • IE CP 2020-04-01/38-32/1/1/6
  • Item
  • 01/01/1885
  • Part of Passionists

St. Paul of the Cross - Life:- "The Saint of the Crucified, A Little Life Of St. Paul Of The Cross, Founder of the Passionists" by a Passionist Father. Nihil Obstat: Vincentius Grogan, Provincialis: Imprimatur: Gulielmus Bernardus, Episcopus Birminghamensis. Vincent Grogan was Provincial 1881 - 1890 and Bishop Ullathorne, O.S.B., was Bishop of Birmingham 1850 - 1889

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