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Photographic prints relating to the Zuiderzee land reclamation works in The Netherlands. The photographs chart the various stages of the project and include some maps of the Zuiderzee and the resulting reclaimed polders. The prints are credited to J.J. Stuvel, Cas Oorthuys, KLM Aercoarto, and other Dutch press agency photographers.

Zambian National Award Booklet

Booklet for the investiture ceremony for the Zambian State National Awards held at the State House, Lusaka in October 1991. Fr. Benignus Buckley OFM Cap. was awarded the Order of Distinguished Service (Second Division).

Zambian Mission Photographs of Fr. Benjamin O’Connell OFM Cap.

A collection of Zambian missionary photographs assembled by Fr. Benjamin O’Connell OFM Cap. (1938-2010) for historical research purposes. Some of the prints are copies but the file does include some original prints. Many of the prints are annotated on the reverse. The collection includes images of:
• Fr. Declan McFadden OFM Cap. outside the Rectory in Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia, in 1932.
• Fr. Christopher Crowley OFM Cap., Fr. Timothy Phelim O’Shea OFM Cap., Fr. Seraphin Nesdale OFM Cap. and Fr. Fintan Roche OFM Cap. in Northern Rhodesia in c.1935. The annotation on the reverse notes that the original image was taken from an album belonging to Fr. Terence Anglin OFM Cap. On the reverse was written: ‘I think this is not a bad piece of architecture for a school master’s son’.
• Capuchin friars receiving their missionary crosses in Church Street before their departure for the African mission in 1943. The friars are Br. Xavier Cox OFM Cap., Fr. Eustace Burke OFM Cap., Fr. Capistran Singleton OFM Cap., Br. Andrew O’Shea OFM Cap., Fr. Terence Anglin OFM Cap. and Br. Fergus Buckley OFM Cap.
• Fr. Albert Hayes OFM Cap. with a First Communion group in Livingstone in 1952.
• Bishop Timothy Phelim O’Shea OFM Cap. with Fr. Patrick Peyton outside St. Theresa’s Cathedral in Livingstone in 1955.
• Fr. Albert Hayes OFM Cap. with religious sisters.
• Fr. Salvator Quinn OFM Cap. in Livingstone.
• Bishop Timothy Phelim O’Shea OFM Cap. with local religious sisters.
• Capuchin friars with Fr. James O’Mahony OFM Cap. during his visitation to Northern Rhodesia in 1957. The friars include Fr. Albert Hayes OFM Cap., Fr. Agathangelus Herlihy OFM Cap., Fr. Alfred O’Mahony OFM Cap. and Fr. Capistran Singleton OFM Cap.
• Capuchin friars with Fr. Albert Hayes OFM Cap. on the occasion of his silver jubilee in 1959.
• Br. Maurice Buckley OFM Cap. (1918-2003) and Fr. Agnellus O’Neill OFM Cap. at a missionary exhibition in Dublin, c.1960.
• Fr. Berard Creed OFM Cap., Provincial Minister, in Sesheke, Zambia, in 1968.
• Capuchin friars with Fr. Berard Creed OFM Cap. during his visitation to Zambia in 1968. The friars include Fr. Salvator Quinn OFM Cap., Fr. Kenneth Reynolds OFM Cap., Fr. Donatus McNamara OFM Cap., Fr. Brian Browne OFM Cap., and Fr. Crispin Brennan OFM Cap.
• Fr. Berard Creed OFM Cap. with Bishop Timothy Phelim O’Shea OFM Cap. in 1968.
• Fr. Berard Creed OFM Cap. with Fr. Anthony Boran OFM Cap. and Fr. Capistran Singleton OFM Cap. and religious sisters (Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood) in Sesheke in 1968.
• Various scenes of friars at Malengwa during the visitation of Fr. Berard Creed OFM Cap. in 1968.
• Fr. Berard Creed OFM Cap. boarding an aircraft in Mongu, Zambia, in 1968.
• Fr. Dermot Lynch OFM Cap. and Fr. Bede Dolly OFM Cap. at the grave of Fr. Connor Brady OFM Cap. (d. 20 Apr. 1993) in Kaoma, in c.2001. It is noted that Fr. Bede Dolly OFM Cap. died on 18 Oct. 2004.

Zambian Mission Photographic Album

Bound volume containing photographic prints of missionaries mainly in Northern Rhodesia (later Zambia). The prints do not have accompanying captions. The album includes images of religious sisters (mainly Holy Cross Sisters) with African children, performing health care duties (including neo-natal care) and religious instruction (communion classes). There are also some prints of the Most Rev. Timothy Phelim O’Shea OFM Cap., Bishop of Livingstone. The volume also contains some images of churches mainly in Northern Rhodesia. It appears that several prints have been removed from the album.

Zambian Friars

Br. Matthew Ngwenya OFM Cap., Br. Dominic Sandu Mizhi OFM Cap. and Br. Danny Gomez OFM Cap. at La Verna Friary, Lusaka, Zambia.

Zambian Friars

Br. Augustine Mwape OFM Cap, Br. Michael Mumba OFM Cap., Br. Elias Chumk OFM Cap., Br. John Mulele OFM Cap., and Br. Misheck Banda OFM Cap. at Our Lady of the Angels Friary, Livingstone, Zambia.

Zambian Friars

Group photograph of Br. Misheck Banda OFM Cap., Br. Augustine Mwape OFM Cap., and Br. Michael Mumba OFM Cap.

Zambian Churches and Friars

Prints showing Capuchin friars (both Irish-born and local brothers) and various churches in Zambia. Many of the prints have been annotated on the reverse:
The perpetual profession of Br. Augustine Mainza OFM Cap. in Livingstone, 3 Oct. 1999.
Br. Charles Chishimba OFM Cap. with Fr. Silvester Flynn OFM Cap. in Assisi House, Lusaka, 10 Dec. 1999.
Retreat group at Assisi House, Lusaka on 10 Dec. 1999. The group includes Fr. Silvester Flynn OFM Cap., Fr. Jude McKenna OFM Cap., Fr. Damien Loughrey OFM Cap., Fr. Vianney Holmes OFM Cap. and Fr. Bede Dolly OFM Cap.
Altar servers in Malengwa in 2000.
Building work on the extension to St. Conrad’s Friary, Lusaka in 2000. The extension was completed in May 2001.
Friars at a retreat given by Fr. Donal O’Mahony OFM Cap. in St. Kizito, Monze, Zambia, in 2001.
Fr. John Grace OFM Cap. with Fr. Godfrey Sinvula OFM Cap. at a silver jubilee celebration in Mongu in Apr. 2003.
Friars at a retreat in St. Kizito, Monze, Zambia in April 2005.
Fr. Theophilus Murphy OFM Cap. at Mangango in 2005.
Fr. Kieran Shorten OFM Cap. at a Corpus Christi Procession in Chinyingi in 2004.
Sunset over the Zambezi River in Chinyingi in 2004.
Bridge in the mist over Zambezi at Chinyingi in 2004. This footbridge was built by Br. Crispin Valeri OFM Cap.
Building a new church at Makanga village, Chinyingi, in 2004.
Fr. Kieran Shorten OFM Cap. and Sr. Immaculata ‘stuck in the mud just after the Sitaka turn-off heading towards Chinyingi during the rainy season in 2004’.
The church at Chinyingi.
A canoe crossing the Zambezi River at Senanga.
Fr. Noel Brennan OFM Cap., Fr. Bruno McKnight OFM Cap., Fr. Jude McKenna OFM Cap. and Fr. Bede Dolly at Kaoma.
The Capuchin Friary in Mahenge, Tanzania.
Br. Ephrem Onyanga OFM Cap. (Kenya), Br. Dominic Chanda OFM Cap. (Zambia), Br. Francis Chilufya OFM Cap. (Zambia) and Br. Deogratias Mwageni OFM Cap. (Tanzania).
Br. Michael and Br. Mishek at St. Bonaventure’s College, Lusaka, in Zambia, in 2006.
Br. Lawrence Katongo OFM Cap., Fr. Jude McKenna OFM Cap., and Br. Dominic Sanou OFM Cap. at Morogoro, Tanzania, on 29 Oct. 2005.
Fr. Theophilus Murphy OFM Cap. and Br. Raphael Mwito OFM Cap. at Mangango.
Br. Rod Pieretti OFM Cap. at the site of the proposed St. Joseph’s Home in Livingstone.
Fr. Jude McKenna OFM Cap., Fr. Peter Rodgers OFM Cap. and Fr. Noel Brennan OFM Cap. in Lusaka on 25 Aug. 2002.
Fr. Daniel and Br. John (a newly-professed Zambian friar) at Mangango mission in April 2001.
Br. Augustine Mainza OFM Cap. (ordained a priest in 2001).
Friars of the Zambian Vice-Province with Fr. Dermot Lynch OFM Cap. in Lusaka.
Fr. Beatus Kinyaiya OFM Cap., Provincial Minister, Tanzanian Capuchin Province.
Zambian Vice-Province Retreat Group at St. Kizito, Monze, Apr. 2002. The group includes Br. Mattew Gormley OFM Cap.
Fr. James Connolly with Angolan refugee children in the Catholic church at Mayukwayukwa refugee settlement in the Kaoma district, Zambia, in Apr. 2001.

Zambian Christmas Cards

Fragmentary Christmas cards used by the Capuchins friars in Zambia. One of the cards has been used by the friars in Mangango and is dated December 1992. With some enclosed original Zambian postage stamps.

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