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The Cross

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  • Pièce
  • 01/05/1874
  • Fait partie de Passionists

Apostolate of Writing: The Cross Volume 65 May, 1974- April, 1975

1851003 Keens, Sebastian Leahy,, O.P., Bishop: Burke, O.P. Tom : 1741001 Paul of X Mount Argus.

  • IE CP 2020-04-01/38/1/3/16/6
  • Pièce
  • 01/05/1886
  • Fait partie de Passionists

Keens, Sebastian- Three sermons in one volume: (1) that preached by Bishop Leahy, O.P., on the occasion of the dedication of Mount Argus Church in 1878, (2) that reached by Fr. Tom Burke, O.P., on the occasion of the feast of St. Paul of the Cross, 1882 and (3) that preached in St. Mary's, Melior St., London by Sebastian on St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland, in which St. Patrick is compared to a comet.

Sebastian Keens

Mount Argus: Bequests:

  • IE CP 2020-04-01/38/9/4/1/23
  • Pièce
  • 01/05/1887
  • Fait partie de Passionists

Mount Argus; Bequests: MS copy of extract from the last will Anna Maria Ryan - £500 for 50 masses eath year for ever. See also item under serial number 1709 which probably refers

Overseas Missions: Vicariate:

  • IE CP 2020-04-01/38/8/1/1/1
  • Pièce
  • 01/06/1894
  • Fait partie de Passionists

Overseas Missions: Vicariate: South Africa: Botswana: Oblates and Jesuits: booklet entitled Missions De La Congregation Des Oblates De Marie Imaculee - N* 126 - Juin 1894, published in Paris

Mount Argus: Confraternity: Women's Branch:

  • IE CP 2020-04-01/38/46/2/1/6
  • Pièce
  • 01/07/1890
  • Fait partie de Passionists

Mount Argus: Confraternity: Women's Branch: register of mebers from July, 1890 to October, 1915, showing that there were 2,806 members in that period. From 1917 members names are entered under Guilds. .

Mount Agus; Students:

  • IE CP 2020-04-01/38/9/4/5/24
  • Pièce
  • 01/07/1897
  • Fait partie de Passionists

Mount Agus; Students: Leaflet: St. Anne's Retreat, Sutton. THESES quas Alumni .. operam PHILOSOPHIAE dantes Defendendas. 3 Theses for each Student: i.e. Cfrs. Gerard, George, Robert, Boniface, Adrian, Gabriel. Lector: Aloysius of Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Mount Argus; Lands: Stream (Poddle): Legal:

  • IE CP 2020-04-01/38/9/3/6/11
  • Pièce
  • 01/08/1884
  • Fait partie de Passionists

Mount Argus; Lands: Stream (Poddle): Legal: Legal cocument being an agreement between the Rector, Fr. Jerome Smith and Miss Louise Damer Mulhall, Harold's Cross, concerning the stream (the Rivber Poddle) which runs through the back entrance to Mount Argus. Rathminers District Commisioners agree , provided suitible drain pipesa are purchased, to lay them and to cover in the stream running from Whelan's mill to Mulhall's mill. Jerome and Louisa agree to share and share alike the cost of these pipes and a suitible iron railing running from mill to mill. .

Mount Argus: Buildings/ Lands: Rates: :

  • IE CP 2020-04-01/38/9/3/1/11
  • Pièce
  • 01/09/1871
  • Fait partie de Passionists

Mount Argus: Buildings/ Lands: Rates: Valuation sheet Barony of Uppercross (cv of I) Parish of St. Catherinne, Union of South Dublin, Electoral District of Rathmines. Argos (Argus?) Very Rev, Pius Devine. Immediate Lessor, the Earl of Meath# Rev. Mr. Whately: 23 acres, i rood, 27 perches: £269 gross total of reteable property.

Mount Argus; Provincial Decrees:

  • IE CP 2020-04-01/38/9/2/4/21
  • Pièce
  • 01/10/1863
  • Fait partie de Passionists

Mount Argus; Provincial Decrees: MS document from Ignatius of the Child Jesus, Provincial, setting out decrees following his visitation of Mount Argus.:

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