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O’Mahony, James, 1897-1962, Capuchin priest
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Capuchin Friars in Livingstone

A group of Capuchin friars in Livingstone. The group includes Bishop Timothy Phelim O’Shea OFM Cap., Fr. Albeus McQuillan OFM Cap., Fr. Salvator Quinn OFM Cap., Fr. Ultan Weldon OFM Cap., Fr. James O’Mahony OFM Cap., Provincial Minister, Fr. Alfred O’Mahony OFM Cap. and Fr. Capistran Singleton OFM Cap.

Copy correspondence with the General Minister

Copy correspondence of Fr. Melchor a Benisa OFM Cap., Fr. Clement Neubauer OFM Cap., and Fr. Paschal Rywalski OFM Cap., General Ministers, to Fr. James O’Mahony OFM Cap., Fr. Conrad O’Donovan OFM Cap., and Fr. Berard Creed OFM Cap., Provincial Ministers, re the status of the Irish Capuchin missions in Africa. Reference is made to the request made by Bishop John Colburn Garner, Vicar Apostolic of Pretoria, seeking more priests to work in South Africa (see CA AMI/1/6/7). Fr. James O’Mahony OFM Cap. wrote: ‘We felt that this arrangement with Bishop Garner will lead to an expansion of our work in South Africa’ (21 Dec. 1948). The possibility of separating the mission in Cape Town from that in Rhodesia is also discussed (31 Oct. 1950). Fr. Clement Neubauer OFM Cap. later referred to the establishment of Cape Town as a ‘separate mission’ and to the appointment of a Regular Superior (25 Nov. 1968). See also CA AMI/2/5/7.

D.L. Kelleher

Draft poetry by Daniel Laurence Kelleher (1883-1958) submitted for publication in 'The Capuchin Annual'. The file includes drafts of ‘Nietzsche’ (1924), ‘The forties of the Twentieth Century’, ‘Marie, do you remember?’, ‘Resurrection Morn’, ‘Question Mark’, ‘Travellers’ Tales’, ‘The Medallist’, ‘Loneliness’, ‘Decadence’, ‘Thistle’, ‘Return to Ireland, 1928’, ‘Sappho Spoke Our Name’, and ‘Three Thoughts for 1936’. The file also includes correspondence, draft articles, notes and newspaper articles written by Kelleher. Many of the drafts of stories are seemingly connected with Kelleher’s work for the Irish Tourist Association. Many relate to important historic personages associated with places around Ireland particularly in Dublin including Belvedere House, St. Stephen’s Green, Werburgh Street, Meath Street, Parnell Square, O’Connell Street, the Guinness Brewery and Dublin Castle. Other locations referred to include ‘Armagh City – First Impressions’ published in 'The Capuchin Annual' (1943), Limerick, Tory Island and Lough Derg. Many of the stories are written in a travelogue style and some may have been written with a view to publication in the 'Annual'. The correspondents include the Government Information Bureau, Fr. James O’Mahony OFM Cap., T.J. Kiernan, Frank Flynn, the Irish Tourist Association. The file includes the following items:

• Clipping from the 'Evening Telegraph' (2 Oct. 1915) of an article by Kelleher titled ‘The Colour of Cork’.
• Clipping of an article titled ‘A Picture of Dublin’. (1928).
• A story titled ‘Sir Kay the Senechal’.
• Draft story titled ‘Father was always like that’.
• An article titled ‘Adventures in Europe / The Great St. Bernard Monastery’.
• Letters to Kelleher from Edward J. Phelan (1888-1967), the Director-General of the International Labour Organisation from 1941-8. Phelan’s letters date from 19 Feb. 1927 to 8 Jan. 1956. One of the letters (24 Dec. 1945) gives an eye-witness account of conditions in post-war Paris. See image of letter extract which reads:

‘Paris? Practically undamaged – a few bombs on Le Bourget airport (we arrived by air from London) and on the Renault factory outside the city, but the city itself untouched. That is the first great contrast with London. We came in from Le Bourget in a car: people walking all over the streets (i.e. not keeping to the trottoirs) because cars are so rare. No taxis: you either take the metro or walk. No traffic noise so you hear the clop-clop.
They suffer from cold of course. As regards food they are better off than the foreigner because most of them have a relative in the country and they get something that way – butter, eggs, a chicken etc which if they don’t consume they sell on the black market in exchange. They are cheerful; admit the discomforts but consider them counterbalanced by the departure of the Germans, although under German occupation conditions were much better. It’s going to take some time before things improve. There’s a lack of discipline – natural because for five years it was [a] patriotic duty to disobey the government and to trade on the black market and its not easy to change the habit. For instance I am sure the hotel was given special supplies of food for the delegates, but the delegates didn’t get it; it disappeared before it ever reached them. I saw de Gaulle. An interesting personality – reminded me somewhat of Dev [Éamon de Valera]: a man who makes up his own mind and is not easily [shifted when he has]'.

Documents relating to the Father Mathew Centenary

• Souvenir programme for the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association Father Mathew Centenary Celebrations in Cork on Sunday, 24 June 1956. Printed, 25 pp.
• Souvenir programme for centenary celebrations for the death of Fr. Theobald Mathew OSFC. The events took place in City Hall in Cork on 9 Dec. 1956 and included an address by the Most Rev. David Mathew, Titular Bishop of Apamea. Printed, 3 pp. 2 copies.
• Newspaper clippings relating to the centenary of Fr. Mathew’s death. The file includes:
Fr. Hilary McDonagh OFM Cap., ‘The mighty moral miracle wrought by Father Theobald Mathew’, 6 Dec. 1956.
‘Cork Centenary Celebrations’.
Fr. James O’Mahony OFM Cap., ‘The secret of Father Theobald Mathew – Capuchin / What his Franciscianism meant to him’, 'Evening Echo', 7 Dec. 1956.
‘Fr. Mathew: One of the great men of history’, 'Cork Examiner', 10 Dec. 1956.
‘Ireland’s Great Tribute to the Apostle of Temperance’, 'Cork Examiner', 25 June 1956. A pictorial supplement.
’60,000 Pioneers pay tribute to Fr. Mathew’, Cork Examiner, 25 June 1956. Clippings, 12 pp.
• Letter from Rev. Patrick J. Hamell, Honorary Secretary of the Father Mathew Union, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, to Fr. Aloysius Travers OFM Cap., re preparations for the celebration of the Father Mathew Centenary. 15 Sept. 1956. Typescript, 2 pp.
• Offprint of an article by Fr. Matthew Flynn OFM Cap., ‘Theobald Mathew OFM Cap. / A Centenary Tribute’, published in the 'Irish Ecclesiastical Record' (1956). Printed, 13 pp.

Draft Articles by Liam Brophy

File containing draft articles submitted by Liam Brophy, 39 Anglesea Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, with a view to publication in 'The Capuchin Annual'. The file includes:
• Grief in a storm. Enclosed with a letter to Fr. Henry Anglin OFM Cap. noting the death of Fr. James O’Mahony OFM Cap., former Provincial Minister.
• A dramatic poem (for four voices and chorus) on the Rising in Dublin, Easter 1916. 13 pp.
• The Pungent Father Prout / Splendid Effrontery of the Wit of Watergrasshill.
• Paul Claudel (1868-1955) / Poet of Seraph Joy’. 5 pp.
• City Crowds. 1 p.

Father Theobald Mathew, apostle of temperance

Author: Patrick Rogers
Publisher: Dublin: Browne and Nolan Ltd. / The Richview Press
Language: English
Ink stamp on inside front cover reads: ‘Franciscan Capuchin Fathers, Church Street’. Foreword by Fr. James O’Mahony OFM Cap. (1897-1962).

Fr. Timothy Phelim O’Shea OFM Cap. and other Irish Capuchins

A collection of prints including many of Fr. Timothy Phelim O’Shea OFM Cap. (Bishop of Livingstone from 1959-74). Most of the prints are un-captioned. The file includes prints collected for publication in 'The Capuchin Annual'. The captioned photographs include:
• Fr. Timothy Phelim O’Shea OFM Cap., Fr. Killian Flynn OFM Cap., Fr. Casimir Butler OFM Cap. and Fr. Seraphin Nesdale OFM Cap. in Northern Rhodesia in c.1931. The images were probably taken during a trip to Victoria Falls.
• Group of Irish Capuchin friars in Northern Rhodesia. Front row (from left to right): Fr. Timothy Phelim O’Shea OFM Cap., Monsignor Killian Flynn OFM Cap., Fr. Oliver O’Hanlon OFM Cap. Back row: Fr. Christopher Crowley OFM Cap., Fr. Seraphin Nesdale OFM Cap., Fr. Timothy Connery OFM Cap., Fr. Casimir Butler OFM Cap., Br. Alexius Paolucci OFM Cap. and Fr. Jarlath Gough OFM Cap. The photograph was probably taken after the installation of Monsignor Killian Flynn OFM Cap. as Prefect Apostolic on 25 Nov. 1936.
• Bishop O’Shea OFM Cap. at a Parish Council meeting at the new church, Shimano, Mangango Mission. c.1970.
• Bishop O’Shea with Fr. Jude McKenna OFM Cap. in 1967.
• Fr. Agathangelus Herlihy OFM Cap.
• Bishop O’Shea at a retreat in Mongu in Aug. 1974. The group includes religious sisters and Fr. Jude McKenna OFM Cap.
• Bishop O’Shea OFM Cap. with the Little Sisters of St. Francis.
• Bishop O’Shea OFM Cap. with Sr. Colmcille and three new novices.
• Bishop O’Shea OFM Cap. with the President of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda.

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