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Cronin, Leo, 1859-1949, Capuchin brother

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  • 30 January 1859-23 October 1949

Michael Cronin was born in Cork in January 1849. He was received into the Capuchin Order at Rochestown in County Cork on 30 July 1882. He took Leo as his religious name upon joining the Order. He was solemnly professed as a Capuchin friar in August 1887. For the following sixty-seven years he fulfilled the ordinary duties of a lay brother in most of the houses of the Irish Capuchin Province. He was particularly known as a Brother Questor in Dublin, seeking alms and donations for the poor. Following several years of ill-health, he died in the Capuchin Friary on Church Street in Dublin on 23 October 1949. He was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Baptismal name: Michael Cronin
Religious name: Br. Leo Cronin OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 30 Jan. 1859
Place of birth: Cork
Name of father: Michael Cronin
Name of mother: Mary Cronin (née Foley)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 30 July 1882
Date of first profession: 8 Aug. 1883
Date of final profession: 2 Aug. 1887
Date of death: 23 Oct. 1949
Place of death: Capuchin Friary, Church Street, Dublin
Place of burial: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Crowley, Christopher, 1904-1984, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/138
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  • 8 June 1904-29 February 1984

James Crowley was born in Ringaskiddy in County Cork on 8 June 1904. He attended national schools in Ringaskiddy and in Haulbowline and from 1917 to 1920 he continued his education at the Christian Brothers’ College in Cork city. He transferred to the Seraphic College in Rochestown in County Cork in 1920. He joined the Capuchin Franciscan Order in September 1921. After his first profession, he attended University College Cork from 1922 to 1925. In 1926 he was sent to Rome for further studies at the Gregorian University obtaining a Doctorate in Divinity in 1930. While in Rome he was ordained to the priesthood on 29 July 1928. Following his return to Ireland, he ministered in the Kilkenny Friary from 1930 to 1932. He was then transferred to the Western American mission custody. His first assignment was in St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Bend, Oregon. He was soon assigned to St. Mary’s Parish in Ukiah, California, and he remained here until 1934 when he was asked to take up a position in the newly established Irish Capuchin mission in Barotseland in Northern Rhodesia (later Zambia). He served as a consultor to the Regular Superior of the African Mission and was later appointed to a pastoral position in the Archdiocese of Cape Town in South Africa. He returned to Ireland in 1967. He briefly returned to the African continent in the 1970s and took up a teaching post in a Capuchin seminary located in Asmara, Ethiopia. The last ten years of his life were spent in the Church Street Friary in Dublin. He died on 29 February 1984 and was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin.

Baptismal name: James Brendan Crowley
Religious name: Fr. Christopher Crowley OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 8 June 1904
Place of birth: Ringaskiddy, County Cork
Name of father: Timothy Crowley
Name of mother: Mary Crowley (née Mahony)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 18 Sept. 1921
Date of first profession: 15 Oct. 1922
Date of final profession: 29 Dec. 1925
Date of ordination (as priest): 29 July 1928 (Rome)
Educational attainments: BA, 1st class hons. (1925); Doctorate in Divinity, Rome (1930)
Leadership positions: 2nd Consultor to Regular Superior, Zambia, 1958-61, 1961-4; 1964-7; Vicar Forane, Archdiocese of Cape Town, South Africa.
Missionary activities: Travelled to the United States in 1931; Travelled to Northern Rhodesia (later Zambia) in March 1934; Returned to Ireland in December 1967.
Date of death: 29 Feb. 1984
Place of death: Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross, Dublin
Place of burial: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Cryan, Basil, 1898-1968, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/103
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  • 9 November 1898-27 November 1968

Baptismal name: Daniel Cryan
Religious name: Fr. Basil Cryan OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 9 Nov. 1898
Place of birth: Ballyfinnegan, Ballintubber, County Roscommon (Diocese of Elphin)
Name of father: James Cryan (Tenant Farmer)
Name of mother: Catherine Cryan (née Murray)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 17 Sept. 1916
Date of first profession: 17 Sept. 1917
Date of final profession: 14 July 1921
Date of ordination (as priest): 29 June 1925
Educational attainments: BA (1921); Higher Diploma in Education (1926)
Leadership positions: Capuchin Mission Office Secretary, 1932-7
Date of death: 27 Nov. 1968
Place of death: St. Joseph’s Nursing Home, Raheny, County Dublin
Place of burial: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Cullen, Alban, 1898-1970, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/119
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  • 7 November 1898-29 April 1970

Baptismal name: William Cullen
Religious name: Fr. Alban Cullen OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 7 Nov. 1898
Place of birth: Dublin
Name of father: James Cullen
Name of mother: Mary Ann ‘Margaret’ Cullen (née Ryan)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 12 Nov. 1917
Date of first profession: 17 Nov. 1918
Date of final profession: 17 Nov. 1921
Date of Ordination (as priest): 29 June 1925
Missionary activities:
1925-29 California, United States
1929-38 South Africa
1938-47 California, United States (returned to Ireland on 14 Oct. 1948)
Fr. Alban Cullen OFM Cap. was Pastor of Hermiston Parish, Oregon from 1939-43.
Fr. Alban Cullen OFM Cap. ministered in St. Anthony’s Parish, Willits, California from c.1943-7.
1948-52 South Africa (travelled to South Africa on 12 July 1948)
1956-70 California, United States
Date of death: 29 Apr. 1970
Place of death: Burlingame, California

Curran, Benedict, 1914-1974, Capuchin brother

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  • 24 January 1914-20 May 1974

Baptismal name: William Curran
Religious name: Br. Benedict Curran OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 24 January 1914
Place of birth: Portaferry, County Down (Diocese of Down & Connor)
Name of father: William Curran
Name of mother: Isabella Curran (née Marron)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 26 July 1941
Date of first profession: 27 July 1942
Date of final profession: 27 July 1945
Date of death: 20 May 1974
Place of death: London
Place of burial: Foulkstown Cemetery, County Kilkenny

Daly, Eltin, 1918-2002, Capuchin priest

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  • 7 March 1918-12 November 2002

Eugene Daly was born in Bantry in County Cork on 7 March 1918. He joined the Capuchin Franciscans in October 1939 and took Eltin as his religious name. He completed his BA and MA in University College Cork and was ordained to the priesthood in Ard Mhuire Capuchin Friary in County Donegal by Bishop William MacNeely on 27 May 1948. He obtained a Higher Diploma in Education at London University in 1949 and shortly afterwards set out for the mission in Northern Rhodesia (later Zambia). He took charge of the Teacher Training College in Lukulu for seven years. In 1956 he moved the western outpost at Sihole for a further six years (until 1962), where he advanced his mastery of the local Lozi language. For four years (1962-6) he was at Maramba near Livingstone. During this time he compiled an original translation of the liturgical texts into Lozi following the adoption of the vernacular (after the Second Vatican Council). And all the while he maintained a keen interest in catechetical matters. In 1966 Fr. Eltin left Africa and made his way to Oxford in England. He was appointed to run a chaplaincy service to Irish emigrants and travellers residing in Britain. He worked out of a house on Leopold Street in Oxford while involved in his ministry to Irish travellers and emigrants. He died in London on 12 November 2002 and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery in North Kensington in the British capital.

Baptismal name: Eugene Daly
Religious name: Fr. Eltin Daly OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 7 Mar. 1918
Place of birth: Bantry, County Cork
Name of father: Daniel Daly (labourer, Scartbawn, Bantry, County Cork)
Name of mother: Mary Daly (née Mahony)
Date of Parents’ Marriage: 24 Feb. 1903
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 3 Oct. 1939
Date of first profession: 4 Oct. 1940
Date of final profession: 4 Oct. 1943
Date of ordination (as priest): 27 May 1948
Educational attainments: BA (1st class hons.), 1943; MA (2nd class hons.), 1944; Higher Diploma in Education (London), 1949.
Missionary details: Travelled to Victoria Falls Mission, Zambia, on 22 August 1949. Returned to Ireland in 1966; Chaplain to Irish emigrants in England from 1966; National Director, Mission to the Travelling People, United Kingdom
Date of death: 12 Nov. 2002
Place of death: London (but resided in Oxford)
Place of burial: Kensal Green Cemetery, North Kensington, London

Dempsey, Peter, 1914-2004, Capuchin priest

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  • 14 September 1914-21 February 2004

Seamus Dempsey was born in Nenagh in County Tipperary on 14 September 1914. He joined the Capuchin Franciscans in October 1932 and took Peter as his religious name. His early education was in Roscrea College before taking degree courses in philosophy in University College Cork. He was ordained to the priesthood at Ard Mhuire Friary in County Donegal in September 1939. He spent the war years in Rome studying theology and scripture and obtained a Licentiate in Sacred Scripture (1943) and a Doctorate in Sacred Theology (1944). He took his PhD from the University of Montreal in Canada in 1950. He published widely about psychology. In 1950 he published ‘The Psychology of Sarte’. This was followed two years later by ‘Psychology for All’ which was translated into French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. In 1957 he published ‘Freud, Psychoanalysis and Catholicism’ in Oxford which went into French, Italian and Spanish editions. One of his principal interests was the use of psychology in industrial relations and he gave lectures on this subject to the Irish Management Institute, trade union organisations and to students in Queen’s University, Belfast, and in various academic institutes in Europe and in North America. He was a full-time member of staff in University College Cork for thirty-one years and founded the Chair of Applied Psychology, a position he held until his retirement in 1982. He died in Cork on 21 February 2004 and was buried in the cemetery attached to the Capuchin Friary in Rochestown.

Baptismal name: Seamus Dempsey
Religious name: Fr. Peter Dempsey OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 14 Sep. 1914
Place of birth: Summer Hill, Nenagh, County Tipperary (Diocese of Killaloe)
Name of father: Paul Dempsey (Professor of Science)
Name of mother: Agnes Dempsey (née Condon)
Date of parents’ marriage: 9 July 1908
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 3 Oct. 1932
Date of first profession: 4 Oct. 1933
Date of final profession: 4 Oct. 1936
Date of ordination (as priest): 17 Sept. 1939
Educational attainments: BA, 2nd class hons. (1936); Licentiate in Sacred Scripture (1943); Doctorate in Sacred Theology (1944); MA (1946); PhD, Montreal (1950).
Date of death: 21 Feb. 2004
Place of death: Cork
Place of burial: Cemetery, Rochestown Capuchin Friary, County Cork

Dillane, Raymond, 1916-1999, Capuchin priest

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  • 22 February 1916-10 January 1999

Baptismal name: Nicholas John Dillane
Religious name: Fr. Raymond Dillane OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 22 Feb. 1916
Place of birth: North Circular Road, Dublin
Name of father: James Dillane (Prison Warder)
Name of mother: Mary Dillane (née Kenny)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 3 Oct. 1937
Date of first profession: 4 Oct. 1938
Date of final profession: 4 Oct. 1941
Date of ordination (as priest): 29 June 1945
Missionary activities: Travelled to Barotseland, Northern Rhodesia (later Zambia), on 21 Feb. 1946. Transferred to the Cape Town Mission, South Africa, in 1968. He returned to Ireland on 15 Nov. 1991.
Date of death: 10 Jan. 1999
Place of death: St. Francis Hospice, Raheny, Dublin
Place of burial: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

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