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Byrne, Aidan, 1887-1963, Capuchin brother

  • IE CA DB/70
  • Person
  • 6 July 1887-1 June 1963

William Byrne was born in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, on 6 July 1887. He joined the Capuchin Franciscans on 23 May 1908 and took Aidan as his religious name. He made his solemn profession on 12 October 1912. For many years he was associated with the House of Studies at St. Bonaventure’s in Cork. He was later appointed a Brother Questor and collected alms to support the friars for over twenty years. He died in Dublin on 1 June 1963 and was buried in the Capuchin plot in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Baptismal name: William Byrne
Religious name: Br. Aidan Byrne OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 6 July 1887
Place of birth: Duffy’s Gate, Enniscorthy, County Wexford (Diocese of Ferns)
Name of father: Edward Byrne (Painter)
Name of mother: Mary Byrne (née Atkins)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 23 May 1908
Date of first profession: 8 Sept. 1909
Date of final profession: 12 Oct. 1912
Date of death: 1 June 1963
Place of death: Bons Secours Hospital, Glasnevin, Dublin
Place of burial: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Cameron, Peter, 1930-1985, Capuchin brother

  • Person
  • 16 October 1930-18 March 1985

Baptismal name: James Alan Cameron
Religious name: Br. Peter Cameron OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 16 Oct. 1930
Place of birth: Liverpool, England
Name of father: Thomas
Name of mother: Anna
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 31 Oct. 1964
Date of first profession: 1 Nov. 1965
Date of final profession: 1 Nov. 1968
Date of death: 18 Mar. 1985
Place of death: Ard Mhuire Friary, County Donegal
Place of burial: Cemetery, Ard Mhuire Friary, County Donegal

Cantillon, Berchmans, 1880-1942, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/44
  • Person
  • 20 June 1880-12 March 1942

Francis Cantillon was born near the village of Glounthaune in County Cork on 20 June 1880. He attended the local diocesan seminary for several years, but after some discernment entered the Capuchin novitiate in September 1899. Having completed his philosophical and theological studies, he was ordained on 16 March 1907. In 1910 he was appointed guardian (local superior) of the Capuchin friary in Kilkenny. Following the completion of his term as guardian, he engaged in the ministry of preaching missions and retreats throughout Ireland. He was transferred to the United States in 1926 and took up residence in Mendocino County in California. Later that year he assisted Fr. Thomas Dowling OFM Cap. in ministering in Visitation Valley near San Francisco. This assignment was a temporary one as within a few months the Irish friars were given the administration of the new parish of Our Lady of Angels in Burlingame, California. They resided there in a small house on Cortez Avenue. In 1931 Fr. Berchmans was appointed Pastor of Our Lady of Angels parish in Ukiah, a position he filled until 1937 when he took up the position of pastor of the church of St. Francis of Assisi in Bend, Oregon. His health began to decline in subsequent years, and he retired from active ministry in 1940. He moved to Los Angeles and died there on 12 March 1942. He was laid to rest in the Capuchin plot in Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Baptismal name: Francis Cantillon
Religious name: Fr. Berchmans Cantillon OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 20 June 1880
Place of birth: Rockfarm, Glounthaune, County Cork
Name of father: Denis Cantillon
Name of mother: Mary Ellen Cantillon (née Mahony)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 8 Sept. 1899
Date of first profession: 8 Sept. 1900
Date of final profession: 25 Sept. 1904
Date of ordination (as priest): 16 Mar. 1907
Educational attainments: BA (RUI)
Missionary assignments: Travelled to Los Angeles, California, in 1926
Date of Death: 12 March 1942
Place of death: Queen of Angels Hospital, Los Angeles, California, United States
Place of burial: Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, California, United States

Carew, Andrew, 1902-1987, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/136
  • Person
  • 20 October 1902-2 December 1987

Baptismal name: David Matthew Carew
Religious name: Fr. Andrew Carew OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 20 Oct. 1902
Place of birth: Ballydavid, Templeneiry, Bansha, County Tipperary
Name of father: William Carew (Farmer)
Name of mother: Mary Carew
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 18 Sept. 1921
Date of first profession: 15 Oct. 1922
Date of final profession: 29 Dec. 1925
Date of ordination (as priest): 29 July 1928 (Rome)
Educational attainments: BA, 1st class hons. (1925); Doctor of Divinity (Rome), (1929)
Leadership positions: Guardian, Ard Mhuire Friary, County Donegal, 1943-52; Guardian, Rochestown Friary, County Cork, 1964-7; Mission Secretary for nine years
Date of death: 2 Dec. 1987
Place of death: Kilkenny
Place of burial: Foulkstown Cemetery, County Kilkenny


  • Carmtest
  • Corporate body
  • 1700-2020

Carroll CM, John, 1899-1987, Vincentian Priest

  • Person
  • 1899-1987

John Carroll was born in 1899 in Dromkeen, Co Limerick and educated at Castleknock College.
He joined the Vincentian community in 1918 and was ordained in 1926.
He had two appointments in Castleknock, with Strawberry Hill in between.
He then went to Cork and in 1934 was lent, with Fr Willie McGlynn, to Australia to help with missions.
In 1940 he volunteered as a chaplain with the Australian army, and served until 1945, when he returned to Ireland.
He was in Phibsboro twice, with superiorship in Lanark, Scotland, in between. His main work was missions.
He went to Castleknock in 1968, and spent his final eleven years there in retirement, but not idle.
He died there in 1987 aged 87:

Carroll, Alphonsus, 1974-1934, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/51
  • Person
  • 17 August 1874-27 August 1934

Baptismal name: Patrick Carroll
Religious name: Fr. Alphonsus Carroll OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 17 Aug. 1874
Place of birth: Killacolla, County Limerick
Name of father: John Carroll (Farmer)
Name of mother: Elizabeth Carroll (née Barry)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 24 Aug. 1902
Date of first profession: 17 Sept. 1903
Date of final profession: 4 Oct. 1906
Date of ordination (as priest): 5 Sept. 1909
Date of death: 27 Aug. 1934
Place of death: Lindville Hospital, Cork
Place of burial: Cemetery, Rochestown Capuchin Friary, County Cork

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