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Butler, Casimir, 1876-1958, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/35
  • Person
  • 12 October 1876-18 January 1958

Born in Sheastown in County Kilkenny, Michael Butler entered the Capuchin novitiate on 25 September 1896 taking Casimir as his religious name. He was ordained a priest in September 1903 and was subsequently appointed to the teaching staff of the Seraphic College in Rochestown in County Cork. In 1910 he was among the first Irish friars to undertake missionary work in the United States. His first appointment was in Hermiston in Oregon which was then a desolate railroad settlement. The task awaiting him was daunting as Fr. Thomas Dowling OFM Cap. noted: ‘whoever is appointed to Hermiston must be prepared for a lonely, self-sacrificing life’. The Servite Fathers who had arrived in Hermiston in early 1909, left the diocese in January 1910. Casimir began work immediately in Hermiston and completed a small church with a second-floor dwelling reached by an outside ladder. In 1912, with the assistance of Fr. Malachy Hynes OFM Cap., a new location was secured from the Maxwell Land and Irrigation Company. Fr. Brendan O’Callaghan OFM Cap. replaced Fr. Malachy in 1913 and Fr. Seraphin O’Reilly OFM Cap. arrived the following year. Together the friars built a new church which was consecrated on 24 October 1915. Before he left Hermiston, Casimir had built three mission churches including the Church of St. Patrick at Umatilla in Oregon. From Hermiston he went to the Old Mission Santa Inés in California where he and Fr. Stephen Murtagh OFM Cap. took charge following the death of Fr. Albert Bibby OFM Cap. on 14 February 1925. In 1929 Casimir joined the newly established Irish Capuchin mission in Cape Town, South Africa. In January 1932 he was appointed the first Superior Regular of the Irish Capuchin mission in Africa. He also ministered for some years in the pioneering Capuchin mission in Barotseland in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). Ill-health forced his return to Ireland from Africa in December 1946. He died in Dublin on 18 January 1958 and was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Baptismal name: Michael Butler
Religious name: Fr. Casimir Butler OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 12 Oct. 1876
Place of birth: Kilkenny, Diocese of Ossory
Name of father: Tobias Butler
Name of mother: Catherine Butler (née Murphy)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 25 Sept. 1896
Date of first profession: 4 Oct. 1897
Date of solemn profession: 2 Aug. 1902
Date of ordination (as priest): 13 Sept. 1903
Educational attainments: BA (RUI), 1901
Missionary assignments: Travelled to Hermiston, Oregon in 1910; Travelled to South Africa in 1929; Returned to Ireland in December 1946
Leadership positions: Superior Regular Foreign Missions in Africa (1932)
Date of death: 18 Jan. 1958
Place of death: Church Street, Dublin
Place of burial: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Butler, John, 1873-1950, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/17
  • Person
  • 6 February 1873-3 October 1950

Patrick Butler was born in Sheastown, County Kilkenny, on 6 February 1873. He joined the Capuchins in 1890 (taking John as his religious name) and was ordained a priest in January 1899. For the following three years he worked as a science teacher in the Capuchin College in Rochestown, County Cork. He subsequently joined the missionary staff and was involved in giving missions and retreats throughout Ireland. In 1914, he travelled to Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. He spent nearly two years in the United States assisting Irish Capuchin missionaries in preaching activities. Following the outbreak of the First World War, he returned to Ireland, and in April 1916 was appointed a chaplain in the British Army with the rank of Captain. He served for a short time with the home garrisons in Canterbury and in Blackpool. He was later sent to the Middle East and Palestine as part of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF), an Allied military formation which fought the Ottoman Turks for control of this strategically important region. He was present at the Battle of Gaza (March 1917), and at the capture of Jerusalem (December 1917), and later acted as chaplain in a casualty clearing station in Damascus. Fr. John returned to Ireland in 1919 and spent the following eleven years in the Capuchin Friary on Church Street in Dublin. In 1930 he moved to Cork and was attached to the community at Holy Trinity Friary. He remained in Cork until his death on 3 October 1950.

Baptismal name: John Butler
Religious name: Fr. John Butler OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 6 February 1873
Place of birth: Sheastown, County Kilkenny (Diocese of Ossory)
Name of father: Tobias Butler
Name of mother: Catherine Butler (née Murphy)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 23 June 1890
Date of first profession: 15 Aug. 1891
Date of final profession: 11 Oct. 1896
Date of ordination (as priest): 8 Jan. 1899
Missionary activity: Travelled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States on 18 May 1914; Returned to Ireland on 25 Mar. 1916.
Educational attainments: BA (RUI)
Date of death: 3 Oct. 1950
Place of death: Cork
Place of burial: Cemetery, Rochestown Capuchin Friary, Cork
Note: Fr. Casimir Butler OFM Cap. (1876-1958) was a younger brother of Fr. John Butler OFM Cap.

Cantillon, Berchmans, 1880-1942, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/44
  • Person
  • 20 June 1880-12 March 1942

Francis Cantillon was born near the village of Glounthaune in County Cork on 20 June 1880. He attended the local diocesan seminary for several years, but after some discernment entered the Capuchin novitiate in September 1899. Having completed his philosophical and theological studies, he was ordained on 16 March 1907. In 1910 he was appointed guardian (local superior) of the Capuchin friary in Kilkenny. Following the completion of his term as guardian, he engaged in the ministry of preaching missions and retreats throughout Ireland. He was transferred to the United States in 1926 and took up residence in Mendocino County in California. Later that year he assisted Fr. Thomas Dowling OFM Cap. in ministering in Visitation Valley near San Francisco. This assignment was a temporary one as within a few months the Irish friars were given the administration of the new parish of Our Lady of Angels in Burlingame, California. They resided there in a small house on Cortez Avenue. In 1931 Fr. Berchmans was appointed Pastor of Our Lady of Angels parish in Ukiah, a position he filled until 1937 when he took up the position of pastor of the church of St. Francis of Assisi in Bend, Oregon. His health began to decline in subsequent years, and he retired from active ministry in 1940. He moved to Los Angeles and died there on 12 March 1942. He was laid to rest in the Capuchin plot in Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Baptismal name: Francis Cantillon
Religious name: Fr. Berchmans Cantillon OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 20 June 1880
Place of birth: Rockfarm, Glounthaune, County Cork
Name of father: Denis Cantillon
Name of mother: Mary Cantillon (née Mahony)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 8 Sept. 1899
Date of first profession: 8 Sept. 1900
Date of final profession: 25 Sept. 1904
Date of ordination (as priest): 16 Mar. 1907
Educational attainments: BA (RUI)
Missionary assignments: Travelled to Los Angeles, California, in 1926
Date of Death: 12 March 1942
Place of death: Queen of Angels Hospital, Los Angeles, California, United States
Place of burial: Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, California, United States


  • Carmtest
  • Corporate body
  • 1700-2020

Carroll, Alphonsus, 1974-1934, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/51
  • Person
  • 17 August 1874-27 August 1934

Baptismal name: Patrick Carroll
Religious name: Fr. Alphonsus Carroll OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 17 Aug. 1874
Place of birth: Killacolla, County Limerick
Name of father: John Carroll (Farmer)
Name of mother: Elizabeth Carroll (née Barry)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 24 Aug. 1902
Date of first profession: 17 Sept. 1903
Date of final profession: 4 Oct. 1906
Date of ordination (as priest): 5 Sept. 1909
Date of death: 27 Aug. 1934
Place of death: Lindville Hospital, Cork
Place of burial: Cemetery, Rochestown Capuchin Friary, County Cork

Christen, Bernard, 1837-1909, Capuchin priest

  • Person
  • 24 July 1837-11 March 1909

Edouard Christian was born in Andermatt, a mountain village in the canton of Uri in Switzerland, in 1837. He was the fourth child (from a family of thirteen) of Joseph Maria ‘Sebastian’ Christen and Karolina Danioth. He spent his early years helping his parents on their cattle farm. On 5 October 1855, he entered the Capuchin novitiate at Lucerne and took Bernard as his religious name. He made his solemn profession on 8 October 1856. He then undertook his clerical studies and was ordained to the priesthood on 29 July 1860. In 1876 Fr. Bernard was elected a General Definitor (Councillor), in which role he successfully renewed and updated the philosophical and theological studies of Capuchin clerical candidates. He also worked tirelessly to tighten up regular observance among the friars of the Capuchin Order. At the General Chapter of 1884, Fr. Bernard was elected as Minister General. Under his leadership, Capuchin missions were once more placed under the direction of the General Minister. He was also instrumental in the revision of the original 1530 Constitution of the Capuchin Order. Under his administration the number of friars began to grow, studies were reorganised, missions were given a new lease of life and the number of Capuchin jurisdictions increased. Fr. Bernard was also the first Capuchin General Minister to visit North America. He served as General Minister of the Capuchin friars from 1884 to 1908. His ceaseless work for the renewal of the Order was recognised by both Popes Leo XIII and Pius X, with the latter naming him Titular Archbishop of Stauropolis in 1908. He died the following year (11 March 1909) in the Institute of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Ingenbohl, Switzerland. He was buried in Lucerne.

Collins, Ignatius, 1881-1961, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/52
  • Person
  • 10 August 1885-21 October 1961

Patrick Joseph Collins was born on Cotter Street in Cork on 10 August 1885. He was the son of Captain Jeremiah Collins, an employee of the Cork Harbour Board, and his wife Honora Collins. He was educated at the Capuchin College in Rochestown, County Cork and he joined the Capuchin Order in 1902, taking Ignatius as his religious name. He graduated with a BA in Philosophy at the Royal University in Cork in 1908. He was ordained a priest in Kilkenny on 29 May 1910. By all accounts he was an outstanding scholar, and he was awarded a Doctorate in Theology and Philosophy from the Gregorian University in Rome in 1914. In May 1915, he responded to the call of Cardinal Francis Bourne, Archbishop of Westminster, seeking Catholic priests to act as chaplains in the British armed forces. He was sent to France in August 1915 and acted as a chaplain with the 69th Field Ambulance Corps. During the First World War his division served on the Western Front participating in many major offensives including the Battles of the Somme and Messines. In October 1917, the division was transferred to the Italian Front. In January 1918 Fr. Ignatius was awarded the Military Cross and was promoted to the rank of Major. Following the cessation of hostilities, he was demobilised (in 1919) and he initially returned to Rochestown Friary in Cork. In 1922 he was elected guardian (local superior) of the Capuchin Friary in Kilkenny. He ministered in Kilkenny for the next twenty-one years. In 1943 he was transferred to the Church Street Friary in Dublin and was appointed Vicar of the community. He remained a member of the Dublin fraternity until his death on 21 October 1961.

Baptismal name: Patrick Joseph Collins
Religious name: Fr. Ignatius Collins OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 10 Aug. 1885
Place of birth: Cork
Name of father: Jeremiah Collins
Name of mother: Honora Collins (née Cowhig)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 24 Aug. 1902
Date of first profession: 17 Sept. 1903
Date of final profession: 31 July 1908
Date of ordination (as priest): 29 May 1910
Educational attainments: BA (RUI) 1909; PhD (Louvain), 1914; MA (RUI) 1915
Date of death: 21 Oct. 1961
Place of death: St. John of God’s Hospital, Stillorgan, Dublin
Place of burial: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Corrigan, Salvator Maria, 1835-1919, Capuchin priest

  • Person
  • 25 April 1835-6 October 1919

William Corrigan was born in Dublin on 25 April 1835. He was received into the Capuchin Order in Italy in 1854 as at this time there existed no novitiate for the training of friars in Ireland. He took Salvator Maria as his religious name upon joining the Order. He was ordained a priest in Bologna on 23 April 1859. He returned to Ireland soon afterwards and ministered in Dublin and Cork until 1867. His time in Dublin was marked by a vigorous campaign to secure funds for the construction of St. Mary of the Angels on Church Street. He became a well-known figure in Smithfield Market, appealing to local traders and sellers for funds to aid the completion of the new Gothic-style church. He also travelled to England and Scotland in search of contributions. In 1868 he was sent to the United States to collect money to defray the enormous debt incurred in building the church. He spent approximately seven years traversing America raising funds. He returned to Dublin in 1875 and resumed his ministry in the Church Street Friary. He was present in Dublin when Fr. Gil de Cortona OSFC, General Minister of the Capuchin Order, came to Ireland on visitation in 1876. Having some knowledge of Italian, Corrigan accompanied the Minister General as an interpreter as he travelled around Ireland to visit the various Capuchin houses. In 1884 Corrigan volunteered for missionary work in the diocese of Allahabad in India. Seemingly a popular cleric, musicians from St. James’s Brass Band played before a large crowd from St. Michan’s Parish who had gathered at North Wall as he left for the Indian subcontinent. Failing health and the harsh climate forced him to return to Ireland just two years later. He remained a member of the Church Street community in Dublin until his death on 6 October 1919. He was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin.

Baptismal name: William Corrigan
Religious name: Fr. Salvator Maria Corrigan
Date of birth: 25 Oct. 1835
Place of birth: Dublin
Name of father: John Joseph Corrigan
Name of mother: Teresa Corrigan (née Byrne)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 27 Nov. 1854
Date of first profession: 29 Nov. 1855
Date of ordination (as priest): 23 Apr. 1859
Date of death: 6 Oct. 1919
Place of death: Capuchin Friary, Church Street, Dublin
Place of burial: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Coughlan, William, 1908-1985, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/163
  • Person
  • 2 May 1908-6 January 1985

Jeremiah Coughlan was born in Ballydehob in County Cork on 2 May 1908. He joined the Capuchin Franciscans in October 1926 and was ordained to the priesthood on 17 June 1934. He was sent to the United States shortly after his ordination. His first appointment was as assistant pastor in Roseburg, Oregon. In 1936 he was appointed assistant pastor in St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Bend (also in Oregon). He would be transferred to and from Oregon multiple times over his life in ministry. He was pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Roseburg from 1940 to 1947. At Bend he was responsible for the building of a new parish rectory. He also served as chaplain at St. Charles Memorial Hospital in Bend. He remained in Oregon until 1950 when he was appointed associate pastor in St. Lawrence of Brindisi Parish in Los Angeles, California. He was present for the establishment of the new Province of Our Lady of Angels (the Western American Capuchin Province) at Burlingame in California in 1979. He retired from ministry and returned to Ireland in the early 1980s. He died on 6 January 1985 and was buried in the cemetery attached to Rochestown Capuchin Friary in County Cork.

Baptismal name: Jeremiah Coughlan
Religious name: Fr. William Coughlan OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 2 May 1908
Place of birth: Ballydehob, County Cork
Name of father: Denis Coughlan
Name of mother: Mary Coughlan (née Duggan)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 4 Oct. 1926
Date of first profession: 5 Oct. 1927
Date of final profession: 5 Oct. 1930
Date of ordination (as priest): 17 June 1934 (St. Eunan’s Cathedral, Letterkenny, County Donegal)
Educational attainments: BA (1930)
Missionary activities: Travelled to Roseburg, Oregan, United States, on 21 Dec. 1935.
Date of death: 6 Jan. 1985
Place of burial: Cemetery, Rochestown Capuchin Friary, County Cork

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