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Griffin, Patrick Evangelist, 1890-1981, Presentation Brother

  • IE PB P/346
  • Person
  • 17 March 1890-13 June 1981

Born: 17 March 1890 in Dromin, Killorglin, County Kerry
Reception: 23 December 1907, Mount St Joseph, Cork
Professed: 27 March 1910
Died: 13 June 1981
Interred: Blessed Edmund Rice Cemetery, Mount St Joseph, Cork

Guihen, Felix, 1898-1981, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/95
  • Person
  • 12 February 1898-14 August 1981

John Joseph Guihen was born in Keadue, a small village in County Roscommon, on 12 February 1898. He was received into the Capuchin Franciscan Order in Kilkenny in August 1914 and took Felix as his religious name. He was ordained to the priesthood on 29 June 1923. Following his ordination, he was sent to Rome for further studies and received a Licentiate in Sacred Scripture in 1926 (one of the first Irish friars to obtain such a degree). During his time in the Italian capital, he wrote an article on the Vatican Missionary Exposition of 1925 (‘The Father Mathew Record’, 18, no. 6. June 1925, pp 171-73). On his return to Ireland, he was appointed a lector in theological studies, first in Rochestown Friary in County Cork and later at Ard Mhuire Friary in County Donegal. For twenty years he acted as a lector for clerical students while also holding the office of Vicar in Ard Mhuire. He wrote a series of pamphlets on the Old Testament which were published by the Catholic Truth Society of Ireland (CTSI) in the 1930s and 1940s. He also held the office of Secretary of the Irish Capuchin Province from 1955 to 1967. He died in the Church Street Friary in Dublin on 14 August 1981 and was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Baptismal name: John Joseph Guihen
Religious name: Fr. Felix Guihen OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 12 Feb. 1898
Place of birth: Keadue, County Roscommon (Diocese of Ardagh)
Name of father: Martin Guihen (Farmer)
Name of mother: Anne Guihen (née McDermott)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 27 Aug. 1914
Date of first profession: 8 Sept. 1915
Date of final profession: 12 Apr. 1919
Date of ordination (as priest): 29 June 1923
Educational attainments: BA (1919); Licentiate in Sacred Scripture, Rome (1926)
Leadership positions: Provincial Secretary, 1955-67
Date of death: 14 Aug. 1981
Place of death: Church Street Friary, Dublin
Place of burial: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Guy, Benvenutus, 1860-1927, Capuchin priest

  • Person
  • 4 May 1860-9 November 1927

Baptismal name: James Guy
Religious name: Fr. Benvenutus Guy OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 4 May 1860
Place of birth: Trim, County Meath
Name of father: Patrick Guy
Name of mother: Bridget Guy (née McMahon)
Ministries: Founded the Church Street Catholic Boys’ Brigade in Dublin March 1894. He also acted as the organisation’s first president. He left the Capuchin Order, moved to England, and was incardinated into the Diocese of Middlesbrough in 1899. He served as a Chaplain to the Forces during the First World War.
Date of death: 9 November 1927
Place of death: Halifax, England

Halvey, Bonaventure, 1869-1892, Capuchin brother

  • Person
  • 22 September 1869-11 March 1892

Baptismal name: Michael Halvey
Religious name: Br. Bonaventure Halvey OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 22 Sept. 1869
Place of birth: Castle Bellew, Moylough, County Galway
Name of father: Michael Halvey (Wood Ranger)
Name of mother: Julia Halvey (née Fahy)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 1887
Date of death: 11 Mar. 1892
Place of death: Franciscan Monastery, Mountbellew, County Galway (*Died of tuberculosis)

Hayden, Augustine, 1870-1954, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/6
  • Person
  • 7 November 1870-6 February 1954

John Hayden was born in Gowran, County Kilkenny, on 7 November 1870. His parents were William Hayden, a railway station master, and Mary Hayden (née Morrissey). On 8 December 1884, he was among the first five pupils to be admitted to the recently opened Seraphic School at Rochestown in County Cork. He took Augustine as his religious name upon entering the Capuchin Order in November 1885. Towards the end of his clerical studies his health deteriorated and he was forced to spend two years in Switzerland. He was ordained a priest in the Augustinian Church on Thomas Street in Dublin in November 1893. On 3 August 1896, Fr. Augustine was appointed rector of Rochestown College, replacing Fr. Francis Hayes OFM Cap. He held this position from 1896 to 1907. He later returned to Dublin and was guardian (local superior) of the Church Street Friary from 1913-6. He cultivated a strong interest in the Gaelic Revival and in particular preserving the Irish language. He was associated with Shán Ó Cuív (1875-1940) in establishing the Irish Language College at Ballingeary, County Cork in 1904, the first college of its kind. He was also a regular correspondent with Fr. Peadar Ua Laoghaire (1839-1920), a noted figure in Conradh na Gaelige, and for many years conducted missions in Gaeltacht areas of Counties Kerry and Donegal. In the immediate aftermath of the 1916 Rising, Fr. Augustine accompanied Fr. Aloysius Travers OFM Cap. in visiting Patrick Pearse and James Connolly. He was instrumental in securing the surrender of Thomas MacDonagh at the Jacob’s Factory and was present at Ėamonn Ceannt’s surrender at the South Dublin Union. He also ministered to Ceannt in the hours before his execution. Like the other Capuchin friars of the Dublin community, Fr. Augustine later committed his memories of Easter Week to writing (CA IR-1-4-1). In 1917, he was the celebrant at the wedding of Terence MacSwiney to Muriel Murphy and he was also the celebrant at the marriage of McSwiney’s daughter in Cork in 1940. He authored a number of devotional texts including 'Ireland’s Loyalty to the Mass' (1933) and 'Ireland’s Loyalty to Mary' (1952). Fr. Augustine died on 6 February 1954 in the Bon Secours Hospital in Cork, and was laid to rest in the cemetery adjoining the Capuchin Friary in Rochestown in County Cork.

Hayes, Albert, 1915-2005, Capuchin priest

  • Person
  • 18 October 1915-13 August 2005

Baptismal name: Daniel Hayes
Religious name: Fr. Albert Hayes OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 18 Oct. 1915
Place of birth: Moycarkey, County Tipperary (Diocese of Cashel)
Name of father: James Hayes (Farmer)
Name of mother: Margaret Hayes (née O’Brien)
Date of parents’ marriage: 23 Feb. 1914
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 26 Oct. 1934
Date of first profession: 27 Oct. 1935
Date of final profession: 27 Oct. 1938
Date of ordination (as a priest): 29 June 1943
Educational attainments: BA (1939)
Missionary activities: Travelled to Barotseland, Northern Rhodesia (later Zambia), on 10 Feb. 1945. Returned to Ireland in 1973.
Date of death: 13 Aug. 2005
Place of death: Kilkenny
Place of burial: Foulkstown Cemetery, County Kilkenny

Hayes, Francis, 1866-1946, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/4
  • Person
  • 12 April 1866-19 November 1946

Thomas Hayes was born in Cork on 24 April 1866. He was the son of Patrick Hayes and Anna Hayes (née Treacy) of Chapel Street in the city. He was received into the Capuchin Order on 30 July 1882. He took Francis as his religious name upon joining the Capuchins. He was ordained a priest in Holy Trinity Church, Cork, on 30 July 1882. Soon after his ordination, he was called upon to assist in the administration of the Irish Capuchin Province. He was appointed guardian (local superior) of the Capuchin Friary on Church Street in Dublin and was twice elected Provincial Definitor (1893-6, 1904-7). He was appointed Provincial Archivist on 20 August 1907. He later became Rector of Rochestown Capuchin College, and for many years taught both philosophy and theology to novice-students of the Province. In 1919 he was chosen as a witness in the cause of the beatification of two seventeenth-century Irish Capuchin martyrs, Fr. Fiacre Tobin OSFC (d. 1656) and Fr. John Baptist Dowdall OSFC (d. 1710). Throughout his life he retained an interest in uncovering and transcribing documentary records relating to the history of the early Irish Capuchin. He died in Rochestown Friary, County Cork, on 19 November 1946 and was buried in the adjoining cemetery.

Baptismal name: Thomas Hayes
Religious name: Fr. Francis Hayes OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 24 Apr. 1866
Place of birth: 22 Chapel Street, Cork
Name of father: Patrick Hayes
Name of mother: Anna Hayes (née Treacy)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 30 July 1882
Date of first profession: 5 Aug. 1883
Date of final profession: 4 Oct. 1887
Date of ordination (as priest): 1 May 1889
Leadership positions: Provincial Definitor: 1893-6, 1904-7
Date of death: 19 Nov. 1946
Place of death: Capuchin Friary, Rochestown, County Cork
Place of burial: Cemetery, Capuchin Friary, Rochestown, County Cork

Healy, Angelus, 1875-1953, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/23
  • Person
  • 26 February 1875-20 August 1953

Patrick Healy was born on 26 February 1875 in Graiguenamanagh, a small town on the border between Counties Carlow and Kilkenny. He entered the Capuchin novitiate at Rochestown in County Cork on 7 July 1894 and took the religious name of Angelus. He took his solemn vows in December 1897 and was ordained a priest in February 1902. Fr. Angelus cultivated a life-long interest in the history of the Irish Capuchins. In 1904, he worked alongside Fr. Stanislaus Kavanagh OFM Cap. (1876-1965) in transcribing autograph copies of two seventeenth century histories of the Irish friars by Nicholas Archbold ‘The historie of the Irish Capucins’ (1643) and Robert O’Connell ‘Historia Missionis Hiberniae Fratrum Minorum Capucinorum’ (c.1654). The original texts had been brought from France to the National Library of Ireland in Dublin for copying. Fr. Angelus was considered an authority on the history of the Irish Capuchin Province, and in 1919 he was chosen as a witness in the beatification cause of two seventeenth-century Capuchin martyrs, Fr. Fiacre Tobin OSFC (c.1620-1656) and Fr. John Baptist Dowdall OSFC (c.1626-1710). He also held several important administrative positions in the Irish Province. Three times he was elected as definitor (or counsellor), from 1910-3 and from 1922-5. He also held the position of Vicar-Provincial and was elected Custos General in 1913 which enabled him to attend the General Chapter of the Order in Rome. He was appointed Guardian of the Church Street Friary and was, at various times, Master of Novices, editor of ‘The Father Mathew Record’ periodical, and director-general of the Total Abstinence Association. Fr. Angelus never considered himself an academic historian but throughout his life he worked assiduously to assemble a vast corpus of documentary records on the history of the friars in Ireland. His ‘Pages from the Story of the Irish Capuchins’, published in 1915 to mark the tercentenary of the arrival of the first friar in Ireland, offered a concise introduction to the subject. ‘The execution of a more scholarly work’, he claimed, demanded ‘more patient research than he could ever command’. Known as an able missionary and preacher, he was also acclaimed as the ‘Guardian of the Reek’ in honour of his long association with the annual Croagh Patrick pilgrimage in County Mayo. His association with Croagh Patrick (also called ‘St. Patrick’s Reek’) lasted from 1906 to 1949, during which he climbed the mountain forty-two times missing only two years, in 1919 due to a railway strike, and in 1922 due to the Civil War. He died at the Presbytery in Westport Parish at the foot of Croagh Patrick on 20 August 1953. He was buried in the Capuchin plot in Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin.

Herlihy, Agathangelus, 1911-1968, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/173
  • Person
  • 11 March 1911-5 June 1968

John Brendan Herlihy was born in the village of Knocknagree in County Cork on 11 March 1911. He joined the Capuchin Franciscan Order in October 1928 and took Agathangelus as his religious name. He studied in Rome and was later ordained to the priesthood in Letterkenny, County Donegal, in June 1935. In the following year he volunteered for missionary work in Africa. He initially worked in the missionary territory in the Prefecture of Victoria Falls in Northern Rhodesia (later Zambia). In the 1940s he was appointed guardian (local superior) and parish priest of St. Mary of the Angels Friary in Athlone just outside Cape Town in South Africa. On 9 September 1958 he arrived in New Zealand and was appointed the first guardian of the community at 186 Glenmore Street in Northland, a suburb of Wellington. He was also the first Capuchin priest in St. Vincent de Paul Parish (now Otari Parish) in Northland-Kelburn in Wellington. He was diagnosed with cancer and died in Wellington on 5 June 1968. He was buried in Karori Cemetery, Wellington

Baptismal name: John Brendan Herlihy
Religious name: Fr. Agathangelus Herlihy OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 11 Mar. 1911
Place of birth: Knocknagree, Couny Cork (Diocese of Kerry)
Name of father: John Herlihy
Name of mother: Catherine Herlihy (née Sullivan)
Date of reception in the Capuchin Order: 5 Oct. 1928
Date of first profession: 6 Oct. 1929
Date of final profession: 6 Oct. 1932
Date of ordination (as priest): 23 June 1935 (St. Eunan’s Cathedral, Letterkenny)
Educational attainments: 1st class hons., BA, 1931
Missionary activity: Travelled to the Prefecture of Victoria Falls, Northern Rhodesia (later Zambia), on 31 Oct. 1936; Travelled to Wellington, New Zealand, on 21 June 1958
Leadership positions: Appointed first discreet of the Victoria Falls Mission, Northern Rhodesia, on 28 March 1946; Appointed second discreet of the Livingstone Mission, Northern Rhodesia, on 24 Nov. 1950 (re-appointed on 6 June 1954).
Date of death: 5 June 1968
Place of death: Calvary Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand
Place of burial: Karori Cemetery, Wellington, New Zealand

Hyland, Justin, 1893-1977, Capuchin priest

  • IE CA DB/83
  • Person
  • 11 February 1894-24 May 1977

William Hyland was born in the village of Lanesborough in County Longford on 11 February 1894. He joined the Capuchin Franciscans in November 1912 and took Justin as his religious name upon entering the novitiate. He was ordained to the priesthood on 21 May 1921. In 1929 he was transferred to the American mission custody. He was assigned to the community at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Abbottstown in Pennsylvania. Just two years later he was recalled to Ireland and was appointed novice master. For the greater part of his life in ministry, Fr. Justin was involved in the formation and training of student friars. He was a lector of theology and director of students in both St. Bonaventure’s Hostel and in Rochestown Friary in County Cork and was master of cleric novices for twelve years. He also served as master of lay brother novices. In addition, he was guardian (local superior) of Holy Trinity Friary in Cork for seven years and was President of Father Mathew Memorial Hall on Church Street in Dublin from 1943 to 1945. He spent the later years of his life residing with the Raheny community in Dublin. He died on 24 May 1977. He was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin.

Baptismal name: William Hyland
Religious name: Fr. Justin Hyland OFM Cap.
Date of birth: 11 February 1894
Place of birth: Lanesborough, County Longford (Diocese of Ardagh)
Name of father: Patrick Hyland (Farmer)
Name of mother: Brigid Hyland (née Brennan)
Date of reception into the Capuchin Order: 22 Nov. 1912
Date of first profession: 25 Mar. 1914
Date of final profession: 22 Dec. 1917
Date of ordination (as priest): 21 May 1921
Educational attainments: BA (1917); MA (1924)
Missionary activities: Travelled to the United States in 1929. He returned to Ireland in 1931.
Date of death: 24 May 1977
Place of death: Church Street, Dublin
Place of burial: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

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